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The Role of the Rehabilitation Advisor

The Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit is a 46-bedded unit providing inpatient care for patients recovering from acute brain injury

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The Rehabilitation Advisor role is diverse and holds responsibilities for different areas of the provision of care for our patients.

Firstly, it holds the responsibility of assessing patients to be admitted for neurological rehabilitation, liaising with family members, therapy and medical teams, insurance companies, embassies, solicitors and case managers advocating on behalf of patients that are assessed as being appropriate for admission. It also involves signposting and advice provision for patients, families and medical teams of patients who are deemed inappropriate for admission to the unit.

Service development is at the heart of improving seamless and patient-centred care. The role of a Rehabilitation Advisor focuses on education about services and improving relations within the UK market. This side of the role incorporates attending and presenting at events aimed at UK healthcare market providers and service users, building links with third sector organisations that may open up new markets for the organisation, e.g. the Stroke Association, and helps to improve the whole patient experience during their stay. This includes assisting clinical staff to coordinate complex UK-based discharges and setting up a new service that will follow up telephone calls to UK patients after discharge, to ensure they are safe and progressing well at home.

The advisors also assist with the ongoing application for CARF accreditation for the rehabilitation unit. These standards are a benchmark of quality and evidenced-based care and further underline the high standard of neurological rehabilitation care that is provided by The Wellington Hospital. Many of these standards are in line with the National Stroke Strategy guidelines and the Department of Health best practice guidelines. Maintaining these high standards of care and ensuring patient involvement at all levels is vital to ensuring the image and reputation of The Wellington Hospital is second to none within the UK healthcare market.

Evidence-based care is at the heart of the therapy provided by the Acute Neuro Rehab team. The Rehabilitation Advisor role identifies current local, national and international training, CPD and medico-legal events and will exhibit at these or organise for appropriate staff to attend and exhibit at these, further raising the profile of the unit and its services at The Wellington Hospital. 

More information is available about the Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit on their dedicated website 


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